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Pokemon Sword and Shield Mark List | How to unlock

There are several different ways in which you can personalize your Pokemon Sword and Shield adventures, including by unlocking and equipping Pokemon Sword and Shield Marks. In this Pokemon Sword and Shield Mark list guide, we’ll run you through how to unlock and equip Marks in the new Pokemon games. We’ll also provide you with the complete list of currently known Marks in the games, with details on how to unlock each one as well as what titles they will give you.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Mark List | How to unlock

Pokemon Sword and Shield Mark list

Unlike Ribbons, you unlock Marks through capturing wild Pokemon. Like Ribbons, however, Marks that you give to Pokemon award them with unique titles. A Pokemon you catch in the morning, for example, could come with a Dawn Mark, which will award it with “the Early Riser” as a title. Just as with Ribbons, these titles will be shown whenever you throw that Pokemon into battle. You and your opponent will see “Go! Grubbin the Early Riser!” with the Dawn Mark equipped, for example.

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Once you have unlocked a Mark, you can equip it via the Pokemon menu when you pause the game. It works in the same way as to equip Ribbons, and Marks will even be found in the same section of the menu. Simply pause the game, head into the Pokemon menu, choose Pokemon Summary, and head to the Ribbons section (under the Ribbon icon). Equip your chosen Mark from there. Read on for the complete list of Pokemon Sword and Shield Marks.

Complete Pokemon Sword and Shield Mark List

Pokemon Sword and Shield Mark list

There are a good number of Marks to unlock and equip in Pokemon Sword and Shield. As stated above, these will all be unlocked while catching wild Pokemon. There is a small chance that your caught Pokemon will come with a Mark. It’s currently not known how likely it is that you’ll catch a Pokemon with any given Mark from the list below.

The complete Pokemon Sword and Shield Mark list is as follows (via Serebii):

  • Blizzard Mark | the Shivering | Catch a Pokemon during a snowstorm
  • Cloudy Mark | the Cloud Watcher | Catch a Pokemon while it’s overcast
  • Curry Mark | the Curry Connoisseur | A Pokemon may carry this Mark that arrives after you cook Curry
  • Dawn Mark | the Early Riser | Catch a Pokemon in the morning
  • Destiny Mark | the Chosen One | A mark of a chosen Pokemon
  • Dry Mark | the Parched | Catch a Pokemon during intense sunlight
  • Dusk Mark | the Dozy | Catch a Pokemon in the evening
  • Fishing Mark | the Catch of the Day | Catch a Pokemon while fishing
  • Lunchtime Mark | the Peckish | Catch a Pokemon in the middle of the day
  • Misty Mark | the Mist Drifter | Catch a Pokemon during a fog
  • Rainy Mark | the Sodden | Catch a Pokemon while it’s raining
  • Sandstorm Mark | the Sandswept | Catch a Pokemon during a sandstorm
  • Sleepy-Time Mark | the Sleepy | Catch a Pokemon at night
  • Snowy Mark | the Snow Frolicker | Catch a Pokemon while it’s snowing
  • Stormy Mark | the Thunderstruck | Catch a Pokemon while it’s stormy

Any wild Pokemon you catch has a very small chance of coming equipped with the following Marks. It doesn’t appear as though any of them have particular catching methods, just a small chance. Unfortunately, we don’t know what the chances of finding Pokemon with the following Marks are.

  • Absent-Minded Mark | the Spacey
  • Angry Mark | the Furious
  • Calmness Mark | the Serene
  • Charismatic Mark | the Radiant
  • Crafty Mark | the Opportunist
  • Excited Mark | the Giddy
  • Ferocious Mark | the Rampaging
  • Flustered Mark | the Easily Flustered
  • Humble Mark | the Humble
  • Intellectual Mark | the Scholar
  • Intense Mark | the Feisty
  • Jittery Mark | the Anxious
  • Joyful Mark | the Joyful
  • Kindly Mark | the Kindhearted
  • Peeved Mark | the Grumpy
  • Prideful Mark | the Arrogant
  • Pumped-Up Mark | the Driven
  • Rare Mark | the Recluse
  • Rowdy Mark | the Rowdy
  • Scowling Mark | the Stern
  • Slump Mark | the Worn-Out
  • Smiley Mark | the Beaming
  • Teary Mark | the Teary-Eyed
  • Thorny Mark | the Pompous
  • Uncommon Mark | the Sociable
  • Unsure Mark | the Reluctant
  • Upbeat Mark | the Chipper
  • Vigor Mark | the Lively
  • Zero Energy Mark | the Apathetic
  • Zoned-Out Mark | the Daydreamer

Time to show off to your friends these unlikely Marks and titles.

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