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The Elder Scrolls Online 5.2.10 Update Patch Notes

Merely a week after dropping the 5.2.9 update, Bethesda is at it again with the release of The Elder Scrolls Online 5.2.10 update. This is far from being a content drop, instead fixing some issues affecting the UI and the guild finder, while correcting issues that pervaded a few dungeons, making the game feel more responsive in some areas. The patch is considerably light, requiring a download of approximately 198 MB, something that should take you a few minutes at most.

The Elder Scrolls Online 5.2.10 Update | Highlights

The Elder Scrolls Online 5.2.10 update

The Elder Scrolls Online v5.2.10 update brings plenty of adjustments to the activity finder. This is an essential tool for any MMORPG, as you try to find other players to join you in certain incursions. It’s not simply a matter of being best to play with others; Bethesda designs some dungeons with a large and balanced party in mind, where teamplay is crucial to beat the challenge ahead.

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The activity finder saw some important introductions meant to handle high queues more readily. It restructured the ready check element with the purpose of diminishing the impact on stability. Furthermore, there were several issues where a player or even a group would become stuck in the queue process, something that is far from being a pleasant place to be. Queues are tough to deal with as it is, but sitting there, waiting for something that will not happen due to a bug adds more fuel to the fire. If these changes smoothed the process of the activity finder, it’s up to you to say.

The rest of the update touches upon diverse areas of the base game and the Dragonhold DLC. The Dungeon Explorer costume is making a comeback, after a few days of timeout due to an exploit, and the Cradle of Shadows dungeon got a few fixes as well. Check the full patch notes below.

The Elder Scrolls Online 5.2.10 Update | Full Patch Notes

The Elder Scrolls Online 5.2.10 update




  • Reduced texture memory usage in Senchal City to prevent some frequently seen game crashes.



  • The Dragonguard: Laatvulon will now wing swipe both directions regardless of where he perceives your character to be, and adjusted the angle at which your character is affected by the wing portion of the attack to be more in line with the animation.


Alliance War and PvP


  • Updated Battleground MMR matchmaking to improve the likelihood of creating competitive games.
  • Fixed an issue where you could get stuck on a loading screen when zoning into a Battleground.

Crown Store and Crown Crates


  • The Dungeon Explorer costume can now be equipped again.
    • Note that the costume will no longer hide your shield while the shield is stowed. We’ve removed the description text that stated the costume would hide a shield when it is stowed, and hope to re-enable this feature in the future.

Dungeons and Group Content


  • Cradle of Shadows
    • The Atronach’s Light synergy now casts instantly and should feel more responsive.
    • Fixed an issue where Velidreth would sometimes banish players to the catacombs before summoning forth her Flesh Atronachs.
    • Enraged Hoarvors now appear at the correct location when first entering Velidreth’s Catacombs and will once again relentlessly pursue their food. Any Enraged Hoarvors that find themselves outside of the Catacombs will burrow into the ground.


Activity Finder

  • Restructured the Ready Check component of the Activity Finder to appropriately handle high queue volumes in an effort to reduce negative impact on performance and stability.
  • Resolved several edge cases where players or groups could get stuck during points of the queue process.
    • Note: One side effect of these changes is during periods of high volume, premade groups of 4 could experience a slight queue for dungeons.



  • Fixed an issue that was causing friends or guild members who logout to still appear as online with missing level information.
  • Fixed an issue where the email address shown to you after changing your email in-game could be the old email address.

Guild Finder

  • Browsing for a guild that would result in no results will no longer get stuck on “Searching for results”.