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Modern Warfare Server Queue | Are servers down for temporary maintenance?

If you’re here, you have run into an annoying Call of Duty: Modern Warfare server queue. We’re here to let you know why the Modern Warfare servers are down for temporary maintenance and if there is anything you can do about it or not. Read on to discover why you might be indefinitely waiting in a server queue instead of playing Call of Duty.

Modern Warfare Server Queue | Are servers down?

Modern Warfare server queue

Modern Warfare is currently undergoing temporary maintenance as Infinity Ward deploys a new patch. As such, you may find that the servers are down and you may get stuck waiting in a queue.

It seems as though whenever there is a Modern Warfare update, or there is just about to be one, people complain about being put in server queues. This could mean a couple of different things, however. It could mean, firstly, that everyone is trying to play the game again following an update. This could be putting the servers under a lot of stress and perhaps even filling them to max capacity. In-game events such as double XP weekends may well be maxing out the servers, too.

Being put in a Modern Warfare server queue, too, could mean that the servers are down or facing shortages. More often than not, an update to a game such as Modern Warfare will be tackling server issues as well as gameplay problems. At least, the servers will be down during an update being implemented into the game. You could well be trying to play online while the servers are down to implement an update.

Whatever the reason behind being placed in a server queue in Modern Warfare, however, we’d recommend keeping an eye on relevant social media channels for up-to-date information. Checking out Call of Duty on DownDetector might be worthwhile, too.