Halo Reach PC Forge and Theater Modes Release Date

Halo as a franchise has always been known for the strength of both its campaign and multiplayer content. Over the years, however, it’s arguably become just as synonymous with periphery creative features such as Forge and Theatre. Since fans have fond memories of these aspects, it’s only natural that the question of whether they’ll once again feature in Halo Reach‘s upgraded Master Chief Collection incarnation is rearing its head. So, are there Halo Reach PC Forge and Theatre modes? If so, when can players expect to get their hands on them? Here’s what you need to know.

Does the Halo Reach remaster include Forge and Theatre?

Halo Reach PC Forge

The improved Halo Reach, which is scheduled to launch December 3, 2019, as part of the Master Chief Collection, is planned to feature both Forge and Theatre modes. There is a catch, however, as neither will be available right from the aforementioned launch date.

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What is the Halo Reach MCC Forge and Theater release date?

Halo Reach PC Forge

Unfortunately, a concrete release date for Forge and Theatre isn’t yet known. It appears as though the team at 343 Industries has elected to focus on getting the gameplay experience just right after implementing several visual and performance upgrades first. It’s an understandable prioritization, so hopefully, the wait won’t be too long to endure.

Although there’s no alternative to Forge or a fully-featured Theater mode, advancements in technology since the game’s original Xbox 360 launch do a least now mean that players on PC and Xbox One have the native capacity to record gameplay and capture screenshots. That’s obviously not quite on the level of taking control of the camera and navigating a 3D space, but it should suffice as a temporary stand-in.

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