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Death Stranding Novelist’s Son Glitch | Can’t progress stars fix

As Sam “Porter” Bridges, it’s your job in Death Stranding to unite the game’s many disparate Preppers under the UCA (United Cities of America) banner. In doing so you aim to “make America whole again,” though not everybody’s quick to buy into that philosophy. While some resist due to their own belief system, one hidden Prepper is hard to bring around due to apparent technical issues instead. If you’ve run into the Death Stranding Novelist’s Son glitch, you’re in the right place to find a fix.

How to get 5-star Novelist’s Son bond in Death Stranding

Death Stranding Novelist's Son glitch

If you’ve managed to find the Novelist’s Son hidden away in the Central Region of Death Stranding, then you might’ve also noticed that increasing your bond with the character is proving to be difficult. No matter how many orders you complete, the status won’t increase above a single star. So, what gives?

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Not progressing the bond between Sam and a Prepper upon completion of an order or delivery of lost cargo is certainly out of the ordinary. In this instance, however, the problem seems to be more of a design oversight than an outright glitch. During discussions surrounding the topic on Reddit, players have discerned that there’s a very simple Death Stranding Novelist’s Son glitch fix.

You’ll need to head to a location with a Private Room (generally found in main cities and Distribution Centers), then give Sam some well-earned rest. Upon waking he should have an email from the Novelist’s Son, which must be read for bond progress to start tracking after completion of additional deliveries.

If you encounter the glitch again, just remember:

  • Head to a location with a Private Room
  • Enter it to have Sam rest
  • Open the email from the Novelist’s Son when you wake
  • You can now progress your bond