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Final Fantasy 15 Stadia save bug | Could not save game fix

Google Stadia has had a pretty rough launch period, but we can at least say that the underlying technology works. Games play on supported devices in a state almost equivalent to their console and PC counterparts. One game that this doesn’t apply to is Final Fantasy 15, which has a nasty bug that only affects players around 15 to 20 hours into their adventures. If you’re having trouble saving Final Fantasy 15 on Google Stadia after logging significant time with the game, there are a few solutions that could save your game save.

Final Fantasy 15 Stadia save bug | What is the “Could not save game” error message?

Players trying to continue on Final Fantasy 15 after playing a significant chunk of time could run into the following message: “Could not save game. Play will continue, but current progress is not saved.

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According to reports, this pops up on the save game screen, preventing you from making progress beyond wherever you can reach in your current session. As shared on Reddit, the developers at Square Enix have responded to complaints, although it’s nothing pretty. Here’s what they had to say about the bug.

After confirmation, we would like to confirm that we have found a general issue saving games on Stadia. We are currently still investigating it, and unfortunately, we cannot guarantee when or if it will be fixed.

Here’s hoping that Google pay attention to that and work closely with Square Enix. This is not acceptable AT ALL. from Stadia

In their letter, Square suggests “freeing up storage space by removing saved photos” within Final Fantasy 15 and sticking to the first two save slots. However, many players on Reddit have found these solutions to be less than satisfactory. However, there is another answer.

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Final Fantasy 15 Stadia save bug | How do I fix the “Could not save game” error message?

When faced with the Final Fantasy save bug on Google Stadia, one Reddit user discovered the following workaround.

I slept in a trailer first, got the error on waking when it tried to autosave. I hopped in the car and drove to a campsite nearby. Camped. When I woke up it gave me the error again when it tried to autosave, but then I tried manually saving it and worked.

Some users have reported that this fix is working, while others have found that it changes nothing. Still, it’s better than doing nothing. For those frustrated, Google does not offer refunds for Stadia games played over two hours, which would seemingly apply to anyone suffering from this bug. Google has also said in a response that developers are responsible for in-game issues. While players wait for a more permanent solution, it’s worth trying the above in-game fix to save your Final Fantasy 15 save game.