Halo Reach PC Controller vs Mouse and Keyboard | Which is better?

Halo is a series that’s synonymous with console gaming, specifically as the flagship of Microsoft’s Xbox brand. That hasn’t stopped the American company from bringing its franchise to PC piecemeal over the years, and, starting now, almost in its entirety via the Master Chief Collection. An upgraded version of Bungie’s Halo Reach is now available on PC and Xbox One, but if you’ve opted for the former platform, you might be wondering what input method to use. Here’s a breakdown of the Halo Reach PC controller vs mouse and keyboard debate.

Is Halo Reach PC better with a controller or mouse and keyboard?

Halo Reach PC controller vs mouse and keyboard

Most people would instantly state that this choice is a no-brainer, as keyboard and mouse offer far greater aiming precision than controllers do. In most cases, they wouldn’t be wrong, however not only is Halo arguably designed first and foremost with controller input in mind, but there are currently some issues with mouse input making it suboptimal.

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Players are reporting lag spikes when moving mice in Halo Reach on PC, yet noting that the annoying issue isn’t present when switching over to an Xbox controller. Some potential fixes are lowering mouse acceleration to “1” and toggling mouse smoothing to “off,” but a guaranteed solution is simply opting to use a controller instead.

Though mouse and keyboard devotees might choose to power on or wait for a fix from 343 Industries, using a controller to play an FPS on PC is rarely as viable as it is for Halo Reach right now. If a fix does come, we’ll likely see a return to the status quo with keyboard and mouse pretty much being the de facto way to play on PC. Until then, sniping is at least still better using a mouse with hold-to-zoom controls in place of the multiple R3 presses required on a controller.