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Fortnite Lace Skin | How to get new outfit style

Following some downtime earlier today, Epic Games’ battle royale game Fortnite is now back up and running with version 11.21. The patch has introduced a host of changes, but, as per usual, industrious data-miners have been hard at work uncovering some of the juiciest additions lurking beneath the surface. One of these is a new variation on the existing Fortnite Lace skin, which players are sure to want to get their hands on. Here’s everything you need to know about the new addition.

How to get the new Fortnite Lace skin style

Fortnite Lace skin

As you can see from the featured image, the original goth-style lace skin has been given a friendly sort of spruce up. Replacing black and grey with white and a soft pastel color scheme, the Lace skin is now perhaps more accessible than ever. While there’s usually a deluge of leaks surrounding loading screens, weapons, and cosmetics that follow in the wake of any Fortnite update, this time around not much was recovered beyond this nice new outfit style.

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If you’re eager to get the new Fortnite Lace skin and look totally kawaii, while it’s not possible to say definitively with its presence having been unearthed through data-mining, it is possible to speculate on how it’s obtained. Previously, players that have already purchased select skins have been granted their variants for free upon their next login.

While we can’t guarantee that owners of the original Lace outfit will automatically receive its new variant at this stage, it’s incredibly likely that we will at least see it get added to the rotating in-game Item Shop in the near future. Keep checking back, then when you see it be sure to grab it before its gone. Provided you can spare the premium V-Bucks, of course.