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WoW Classic | Warsong Gulch Battleground guide

World of Warcraft first launched Warsong Gulch and Alterac Valley on June 7, 2005. They were the first two battlegrounds in the game. And now as of December 10, 2019, players will be able to experience them in WoW Classic.

Warsong Gulch is a 10 versus 10 capture the flag battleground. It offers a more focused small team based experience as compared to the 40 v 40 player epic battleground environment of Alterac Valley. There is an unlimited number of matches possible. Queues will pop so long as there are enough enemy players in the queue waiting to fight. Without a cross-server queue system, prime time battles will tend to be more easily available as a result.

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The capture the flag battleground format offers limitless replayability, providing a space for a wide spectrum of group compositions, strategies, and small group tactics. Warsong Gulch is now fifteen years old yet remains fun and relevant.

Highly experienced teams with years of practice are common, learning how to effectively beat them will require practice, excellent voice communication, a full understanding of your class, best in slot gear and use of battleground consumables!


You must be at least level 10 to participate.

Brackets: 10-19, 20-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60

There is no PvP group finder system in Classic – so players must group up and travel to the Battlemaster NPC in the main cities to join the battle.

Alliance Battlemaster Locations

  • Ironforge: The Military Ward
  • Stormwind: Stormwind Keep
  • Darnassus: Warrior’s Terrace

Horde Battlemaster Locations

  • Orgrimmar: Valley of Honor
  • Thunder Bluff: Hunter’s Rise
  • Undercity: Sylvanas’ Throne Room

Team Morale is everything!

Victory must be worked towards, constant practice, the ability to sustain losses without attacking other members of your team. Generally remaining cool, calm and professional and finding team members who share this outlook are essential.

Many players on the long Grand Marshal/High Warlord grind will be fatigued due to the long hours required. A supportive, professional team environment with full use of the methods outlined below is essential. Cutting corners and failing to come prepared with the correct equipment, consumables, communication infrastructure will result in needless avoidable losses.

There are several major differences between Warsong Gulch in WoW Classic and retail World of Warcraft. In WoW Classic Warsong Gulch there is no match timer or flag carrier debuffs to increase their damage taken. Without these mechanics, WoW Classic Warsong Gulch has a high potential for stalemates resulting in long match times.

Communication with your team is essential to success in Warsong Gulch. Voice communications are the foundation of any strong team. Having clear abbreviations for locations on the map that can be quickly and accurately reported to your team members will make communication accurate and efficient.

  • Restoration Hut
  • Berserker Hut
  • Graveyard (GY)
  • Ramp
  • Roof


No Battleground Timer

The battleground will not end until a team has captured three enemy flags.

Three flag captures to win.

Capturing the Flag

In order to capture an enemy flag, you must control and carry the flag to your base flag location, while defending your own flag. Your flag can not be on the field while attempting to capture.

Flag Management

Anyone can pick up the enemy flag by clicking on it. Mounting with the flag will cause the flag to be dropped. Flags may be carried while in other forms (shapeshifting ok).

Warsong Gulch Power Buffs

Buffs are located within the Horde and Alliance huts located on opposite sides of the map. There are three buffs in Warsong Gulch:

Restoration: 10-second regeneration of health and mana back to 100 percent. Any damage taken during the 10 second period will cancel the effect. Damage over time effects already on a player will not interrupt restoration.

Speed: 100 percent movement speed increase.

Berserking: Increases player damage done and taken.


There is no one winning strategy in Warsong Gulch – gear, group composition, communication, and individual playability are all major factors in the outcome of matches. There is no substitute for experience and practice in Warsong Gulch. Due to the specific mechanics present in WSG, it is critical that players work as a well-coordinated team focused on flag captures and defense.

Playing for kills without a clear strategy for flag capture and defense is rarely effective. Communicate with your team prior to the start of the battle regarding the strategy, group composition for offense and defense.

Make sure a flag carrier is assigned!

Most effective teams will have an Offense and Defense team assigned for taking and defending flags.

There is significant variability in group compositions in Warsong Gulch for Damage, Healer and Tank Classes. However, feral Druids make arguably the best flag carriers due to their mobility and survivability. There are other viable flag carrier classes, very well geared warrior tanks with exceptional healer support can be nearly unstoppable for example. Mages and Hunters are also commonly used as flag carriers.


Offensive teams should stay together with their support healers. Protecting your healers while eliminating enemy healers will create opportunities to wipe enemy teams and provide your team with the initiative to capture the enemy flag. 


Defense teams ideally are capable of slowing, interrupting, stunning and otherwise disrupting an enemy flag carrier. Familiarity with the layout of your base, including the upper levels is essential for providing advantages for defenders. Outrunning, delaying and disrupting an enemy offensive team is critical!

Mid Field Focus

Fight for control of the midfield, loss of the middle of the field is a significant disadvantage. Field control allows for flexibility in intercepting enemy flag carriers, providing escorts to your own flag carriers and an advantageous environment for ranged DPS to operate. Opportunities to rapidly move into the enemy base to capture the flag will be created when multiple enemy players have been put on a resurrection timer.

Flag Carrier Support

It is essential that once your flag carrier has the flag to provide effective support. Effective heal priority, intercepting and slowing/killing enemy players attempting to disrupt your carrier is essential.

Bring a Feral Druid as a flag carrier if possible.

Voice Communication is essential for success. The ability to accurately call out numbers, classes, targets, and locations will greatly improve your effectiveness as a player and as a team in Warsong Gulch.

There is no gear scaling or templates for characters in WoW Classic. Therefore a well-geared team will have an enormous advantage.


Warsong Gulch awards a variety of items, commendations, honor, and reputation! Reputation is required to purchase some items from the respective faction quartermasters. Epic pants and bracers are available upon obtaining exalted status.

Vendors are available outside of each faction’s Warsong Gulch bases listed here:

  • Alliance: Ashenvale Southest of the Silverwing Outpost.
  • Horde: Northern Barrens border with Ashenvale on the main road.