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Pokemon Sword and Shield Reaper Cloth Location | How to evolve Dusclops

There are hundreds of different items to find, unlock, and buy in Pokemon Sword and Shield, some of which perform specific tasks. The Pokemon Sword and Shield Reaper Cloth is one such specific item. In this guide, we’ll let you in on the Reaper Cloth location in Sword and Shield and tell you all the ways of how to get a Reaper Cloth. You’ll need one if you plan on completing your Galar Pokedex, as it’s essential to evolve Dusclops. Discover how to evolve Dusclops right here.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Reaper Cloth Location | How to get

Pokemon Sword and Shield Reaper Cloth

There are two ways in which you can get hold of a Reaper Cloth in Pokemon Sword and Shield. The easiest way to get a Reaper Cloth is to buy one. Head to the Pokemon Center in Hammerlocke and speak to the BP shop girl. Keep scrolling through what she has to sell until you stop on the Reaper Cloth. You can purchase it for 10 BP, which you’ll earn from taking on the Battle Tower after you complete the game’s story and become Galar Champion.

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The other way to get hold of a Reaper Cloth is more complicated. It involves completing a side quest that you can find in Hammerlocke. You’ll find the little girl named Paula who will give you a love letter to deliver by following these steps:

  • Head to Hammerlocke
  • Go right from the Pokemon Center and head up the first step of stairs you see leading you to a large ornate building
  • Head past the Poke Ball statue and speak to the little girl wearing a pink dress standing in front of the grand building
  • She will hand you a love letter to deliver to Frank in Ballonlea

Once you have the Old Letter in your Key Items, fly to Ballonlea. You’ll find Frank in the first house immediately up the stairs to the left of the Pokemon Center in Ballonlea. Speak to the middle-aged man and he will tell you a bittersweet tale of how he knew Paula when he was a young lad (spooky). Frank will give you a Choice Scarf as a gift for giving him the Old Letter.

Once you have received the Choice Scarf from Frank, head back to Paula in Hammerlocke… Except Paula is gone. If you press ‘A’ on the spot where she was standing, you will pick up a scrap of Reaper Cloth. Presumably, this was left behind by Paula’s spirit as you helped her move on thanks to delivering her love letter to Frank. Heartwarming, if spooky, stuff.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Reaper Cloth Location | How to Evolve Dusclops

Pokemon Sword and Shield Reaper Cloth

If you want to complete your Galar Pokedex, you will want to get hold of a Reaper Cloth. You will need a Reaper Cloth in order to evolve Dusclops into Dusknoir. To get yourself a Dusclops in Pokemon Sword and Shield, however, you will likely need to first find, catch, and evolve a Duskull. You can find and catch Duskulls in a variety of different areas, but we’d recommend you head to Watchtower Ruins as they are plentiful there.

Duskull evolves into Dusclops at Level 37. If you can’t wait to get hold of a Dusknoir, however, you can simply catch a Dusclops. You can find Dusclops during Raids and in Route 8 randomly in tall grass (you won’t spot them on the overworld, we’re afraid), but they are relatively uncommon.

Once you have a Dusclops, you’ll want to make it hold a Reaper Cloth. The only way it can evolve into a Dusknoir is if you trade it while it is holding a Reaper Cloth. Doing so will use up the Reaper Cloth, so you will need to get another if you wish to have more than one Dusknoir. Remember to ask for your Dusknoir back from the person you traded Pokemon with. You don’t want them to walk away with that hard-earned Ghost-Type.

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