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Apex Legends Third-Person Mode | How to activate the Easter egg

Ever wanted to play Apex Legends in third-person? Now you can, thanks to the discovery of a new Firing Range Easter egg. Activating the in-game Easter egg prompts a sound effect, seeming to confirm that this trick was intentionally included. That being said, it can’t be done in competitive Apex Legends multiplayer in order to maintain game balance. With any concerns abated, here’s everything you need to know about the Apex Legends third-person mode.

How do you play Apex Legends in third-person?

In order to switch from the standard first to a third-person viewpoint in Apex Legends, you’ll first need to head to the Firing Range. This is a location for players to practice using different characters and weapon loadouts, either alone or alongside up to two teammates.

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Credit to @Rein_yk for discovering the Easter egg and sharing it on Twitter; we’ve included their footage below in case you need a visual aid to accompany our description of how to activate Apex Legends third-person mode.

Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  • Load into the Firing Range
  • Head straight forward and down the slope
  • Keep heading straight past the targets and clamber up the rock formation to higher ground
  • Proceed to the watchtower in front of you, head up the first ramp and jump the short distance to solid ground
  • Climb up onto the ledge that’s visible just to your left
  • Move to the back, crouch, and squash yourself into the corner
  • Change your viewpoint to look back the way you came and then straight down at the ground
  • Pause the game and select “Change Legend”
  • If done correctly, you’ll see the Legend’s character model and be playing in third-person
  • If done incorrectly, simply reposition yourself and try again

The Easter egg is mostly just a novelty, but since players can now set up makeshift 1v1 battles in the Firing Range, you could potentially use it as a cheeky way to get the drop on your friends.