Dr. Stone Episode 24 Release Date

All good things must come to an end, and that is precisely what’s happening with Dr. Stone. In this Dr. Stone episode 24 guide, we’ll let you know exactly when you can catch the final Dr. Stone Season One episode in the U.S. and U.K. Read on to discover when and where you can watch the conclusion of this exciting anime in both its subbed and dubbed format. Discover the Dr. Stone episode 24 release date and times in the U.S. and U.K. below.

When is the Dr. Stone episode 24 release date?

Dr. Stone episode 24

As with most anime, you will be able to watch the subbed version of Dr. Stone before you can watch its English dub. Any last-minute delays notwithstanding, the subbed format of Dr. Stone episode 24 should release on Friday, December 13.

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Dr. Stone is simulcast around the globe at the same time every week. This means that you should be able to watch it at the same time as everyone else, no matter where you live. The Season One finale should air at 7:30 AM Pacific/ 10:30 AM Eastern in the U.S. and 3:30 PM in the U.K.

As ever, we recommend that you head on over to Crunchyroll to watch episode 24 of Dr. Stone. Simply head to its dedicated page on either the website or app at the times listed above and click on episode 24 to begin watching. If it isn’t there, refresh the page until it shows up. Crunchyroll should let you know if the episode has been delayed at all.

Dr. Stone episode 24 English dub release time

Dr. Stone episode 24

To watch the English dub of episode 24, we recommend that you head on over to Funimation. It’s a couple of episodes behind, however, so expect it to go up on December 27. Toonami should eventually air the English dub of the episode, too. It likely won’t air until February 1, 2020, however. For now, you’ll have to make do with the subbed version if you can’t wait.