New Crash Bandicoot rumors point to a possible State of Play reveal

After a trio of successful PlayStation-era remasters, it looks like Activision is about ready to reveal a brand new Crash Bandicoot adventure. Hints have already pointed towards this possibility, with “Crash influencers” receiving bandicoot-flavored merch in the mail over the past week. This is similar to promotional methods before last year’s Game Awards, which revealed Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled to the gaming public. There were also some mysterious Crash-related happenings related to a new style of mask in a recent PlayStation 4 trailer from last month.

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Known insider ViewerAnon released some information on Twitter in November regarding the game. According to his claims, it will be very respectful of the original Naughty Dog trilogy, a linear game with “Super Mario 3/World-style” progression. There will be Neo Cortex stages in addition to Crash and Coco, but Cortex isn’t switching allegiances. Instead, he’ll be setting up traps that you’ve already run into as Crash.

For example “if something blows up to block Crash’s progress, the challenge level will be you as Cortex setting off that explosion.” In addition to that, the entire game supposedly revolves around equipping different masks with new abilities.

And as of this week, a 4chan rumor popped up allegedly corroborating ViewerAnon’s leaks while also adding a bit more. The game is reportedly under development with Toys For Bob, which was the lead studio behind both Skylanders and 2018’s Spyro Reignited Trilogy. The rumor also states that the game won’t look like N. Sane Trilogy, but will instead be “more faithful to Naughty Dog style.”

According to these rumors, the game only considered the first three games canon early in development, but the leaker says this may have changed considering all the characters added to Nitro-Fueled over time that were outside of the Naughty Dog games. Finally, the rumor alleges that the will happen during tomorrow’s PlayStation State of Play at 6 AM PT. However, despite the evidence, just be aware that these are just hearsay and rumors for now.