Destiny 2 Paragon Mod | What does “Deprecated” mean?

Players logging into Destiny 2 after the launch of the game’s ninth season, the Season of Dawn, will find that their class ability-based loadouts are no longer functioning. These players may have seen a note in-game or in Bungie’s Season of Dawn update description that Paragon Mods have been “deprecated.” But what does this mean, and how does class ability regen work in Season of Dawn? This Destiny 2 Paragon Mod guide will fill you in.

Destiny 2 Paragon Mod Gone | How to increase class ability regen speed

destiny 2 paragon mod gone

The reason players are running into problems with class ability-based builds is that Season of Dawn has changed the way class ability stats are determined. Previously, the only way to increase the speed at which a class ability regenerated was through Paragon Mods. Now, in an effort to both tie an actual stat number to class ability regen and to further distinguish the different classes, class ability cooldowns are tied to one of three existing stats — a different one for each class:

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  • Hunters’ Dodge regeneration speed is now tied to Mobility.
  • Titans’ Barricade regeneration speed is now tied to Resilience.
  • Warlocks’ Rift regeneration speed is now tied to Recovery.

Instead of equipping Paragon Mods (which have been removed from the game entirely), players can now get their class abilities back faster by equipping mods of the appropriate character stat. This means that not only can players finally track exactly how fast their class ability cooldown is (simply hover over the relevant stat in the Character screen to see the timer), but they can simultaneously gain a boost to their Mobility, Recovery, or Resilience. Like Paragon Mods, these mods can be applied on any armor piece in the “General Armor Mod” slot. Unfortunately for Warlocks, Recovery Mods cost four energy slots, whereas the other two stats cost only three — though we wouldn’t be surprised if this changes in a future update.