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Rocket League Refund | How to get Credits back after price drop

Following the Rocket League 1.71 update, as well as a whole lot of complaining online, Psyonix has implemented a Rocket League item price reduction. All items in the game, including those that you can buy in the Item Shop as well as any Blueprints you might want to make, have had their prices reduced. While this is great news, what about those of us who bought any items at their higher prices? Can you receive a Rocket League refund on any items you bought? Read on to discover how to get Credits back.

Rocket League Refund | How to get Credits back after price drop

Rocket League refund

As stated above, Psyonix has listened to everyone’s complaints about the high prices of items in Rocket League and has reduced the prices of every item and blueprint. Thankfully, you can receive a Rocket League refund on any item you bought while the prices were at their highest. It’s a simple process to go through, too, but there are a couple of rules you must follow to get your Credits back.

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Firstly, just to make things clear, you cannot receive a full refund on any item you bought with Credits in Rocket League. You bought it, you own it. You can, however, get a Credits refund of the difference between the price you paid and what the item costs now. Let’s say you bought a new car for 1,200 Credits before the December 11 update and it now costs 800 Credits. You will get that 400 Credits difference back, added into your Rocket League account.

Any purchases made between December 4 and December 11, 2019, will be applicable for this Rocket League refund of Credits. You should already have the Credits in your account as you are reading this. Psyonix automatically applied any Credit refunds into your Rocket League account either last night or this morning. Simply check your Rocket League Credit balance to make sure you have received the Credits owed to you. Head over to the Rocket League Customer Support page to let the developers know if you have any concerns or questions.