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Fortnite Whoops! Error | How to fix matchmaking issue

After a hard day at work, school, or wherever, there’s nothing like coming home and settling into a night of Fortnite, amirite? Well, the Fortnite Whoops! error looks to put an end to that. If you attempt to matchmake and find yourself faced with this intrusive error message that stops you from joining a match, then these are the steps you’ll need to take. It might be a problem on developer Epic Games’ end, but by following these troubleshooting methods you can be sure of that fact, or, potentially fix the problem in the meantime. It’s win-win!

How to fix the Fortnite “Whoops!” error

Fortnite Whoops! error

When trying to join a match from the in-game menu, some Fortnite players are encountering a popup that displays the following message:


Weird. We couldn’t connect to the match. You can try again, but if the problem continues, check out

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As instructed, first try dismissing the error message and attempting to matchmake again. If that doesn’t work, pay a visit to the Epic Games status page to ensure that there aren’t any ongoing issues that could be causing the problem. If Fortnite is listed as operational and you’re still getting “Whoops!” errors, then it’s time to try some troubleshooting methods.

Follow these steps to try and rectify your Fortnite issue:

  • Close and reopen the game, then attempt to matchmake again
  • Reboot your console, launch Fortnite and attempt to matchmake
  • Reset your internet router and after it reconnects, attempt to join a match
  • Switch the internet network that you’re connected to
    • Be mindful of unwanted data charges that this might incur

After trying all that, hopefully, you’re back up and running. If not, then next you’ll want to wait it out for a while to see if the problem is temporary and will rectify itself. After stepping away from the game for a while, if you come back and still face the same problems, you may want to contact Fortnite support.