Fire Force Episode 22 Release Date

Including the upcoming Fire Force episode, there are just three episodes of the anime series left. If you’re wanting to keep up to date with the goings-on in this series, you’ll be wanting to pay attention to this Fire Force episode 22 release date guide. Read on to discover the Fire Force episode 22 release date and times in both the U.S. and the U.K. below. We’ll also let you in on the best places to watch the new episode in both its dubbed and subbed format.

When is the Fire Force episode 22 release date?

Fire Force episode 22

To answer your burning question, the Fire Force episode 22 release date should be December 20, 2019. This, of course, is if all goes to plan and there aren’t any pesky last-minute delays.

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Fire Force is simulcast around the globe in both its subbed and dubbed format, which will continue through the end of this series. Being simulcast, you can watch episode 22 as soon as its live, at the same time as everyone else, no matter where you live. The episode 22 release time in the U.S. should be 9:25 AM Pacific/ 12:25 PM Eastern. In the U.K. you should be able to watch it from 5:25 PM GMT.

You can watch episode 22 of Fire Force on either Crunchyroll or Funimation. Simply head to either of these sites or apps at the date and times listed above to watch the new episode. If it’s not listed yet, refresh the page until you see it (it can take a few minutes from its planned release time). In-case of any last-minute delays, social media accounts from Crunchyroll or Funimation should have you covered.

Fire Force episode 22 English dub release time

Fire Force episode 22

Funimation simulcasts the English dub of Fire Force, whereas it’s subbed only on Crunchyroll. Click on the Funimation link above to watch the dubbed version of Fire Force when it goes live.