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Pokemon Sword and Shield Mystery Gift Codes

Are you looking for some Pokemon Sword and Shield Mystery Gift codes? These special codes are released as promotions and can grant players free items in Pokemon Sword and Shield, although many of them are one-time use only. We’ve collected up all of the codes we could find and put them all in one convenient place!

There are a few things you need to know about these Pokemon Sword and Shield Mystery Gift codes:

  1. Most codes can only be used once.
  2. Some codes require that you purchase something like a special edition of the game.
  3. Some codes have a time limit on them — if you don’t redeem them in time, you can’t get the items anymore!

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How to Use Pokemon Sword and Shield Mystery Gift Codes

If you don’t know how to input these codes, it’s (thankfully) a pretty straightforward process.

  1. Pause the game.
  2. Go to the “Mystery Gift” button — it’s in-between “Pokemon Camp” and “VS”.
  3. Input your code.
  4. Receive your items.

With that established, let’s go ahead and explore the Pokemon Sword and Shield Mystery Gift codes, what you can get for putting them in, and how long you have to get it!

Pokemon Sword and Shield Mystery Gift Codes |  Ball Guy

Pokemon Sword and Shield Mystery Gift codes Poke Ball dude

Pokemon fansite Serebii has listed three Pokemon Sword and Shield Mystery Gift codes that are being given out on the game’s official Japanese twitter. The account is currently hosting a takeover by “Ball Guy” — the enthusiastic mascot in the game with a Poke Ball for a head — and he’s put out tweets like this one which give away some free goodies!

Bear in mind that these particular codes are using numbers instead of letters in some places — read them carefully to ensure that you put them in correctly. These codes expire on January 15, 2020, so you probably should activate them before it’s too late!

Here are the codes that have been given out by Ball Guy so far and what you can get from them:


  • Fast Ball
  • Moon Ball
  • Level Ball


  • Heavy Ball
  • Lure Ball
  • Beast Ball


  • Love Ball
  • Friend Ball
  • Dream Ball

[Header image credit: Serebii]