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When is Modern Warfare Shipment 24/7 Coming Back?

It’s safe to say that some of you out there simply want to play on the same Call of Duty: Modern Warfare maps 24/7. This is why we’ve seen plenty of you asking when is Modern Warfare Shipment 24/7 coming back? In this guide, we’ll try to answer this very question and attempt to let you in on when you might see Shipment 24/7 back in the Modern Warfare online multiplayer playlists.

When is Modern Warfare Shipment 24/7 Coming Back?

when is Modern Warfare Shipment 24/7 coming back

Shipment is a popular map in Modern Warfare, with people enjoying the fast-paced gameplay that tends to come from its small size. Sadly, we’ve seen the map come and go from the Modern Warfare playlists, leading people to ask “when is Modern Warfare Shipment 24/7 coming back?” Unfortunately, the answer to this question is unknown, unless you work for Infinity Ward. Simply put, we don’t know when Modern Warfare Shipment 24/7 will return to the game.

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While this is, of course, disappointing, we can tell you ways that you can keep up to date with playlist updates in Modern Warfare. In tweets such as this one, Infinity Ward seems to be rather good at letting us know what’s being added and taken away from the Modern Warfare playlists each and every week. Keep an eye on the official Infinity Ward Twitter account for weekly playlist updates. Who knows? Shipment 24/7 may appear on one such tweet soon.

The game itself, too, is good at letting you know about the latest playlist updates. Simply keep checking back on Modern Warfare to see what modes are available to you and for how long. Hopefully, Shipment 24/7 reappears before long and you can all start playing on Shipment once more. The playlists in Modern Warfare should update every week (looks like potentially every Tuesday). Remember to check the game and Infinity Ward’s Twitter feed for any information on future playlist updates.