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Fortnite Unable to Move or Access Inventory Glitch | Is there a fix?

It seems as though Epic Games’ latest Fortnite update has had some catastrophic side effects for a number of players. If you loaded up the popular battle royale game to find that your character is stuck in place and can’t access their inventory, then you’ve unfortunately fallen victim to the Fortnite unable to move or access inventory glitch. This issue makes the game totally unplayable, so is there any kind of quick fix? Here’s what we know so far.

Is there a Fortnite unable to move or access inventory solution?

Fortnite unable to move or access inventory glitch

Epic Games introducing small issues to Fortnite when fixing bigger problems isn’t out of the ordinary. It’s a natural part of game development and goes to show that no video game will ever be entirely perfect, no matter how many development hours are devoted to it. This particular occurrence is most definitely out of the ordinary, though, as breaking movement and the inventory is no minor issue.

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The official Fortnite Status Twitter account (@FortniteStatus) has at least already acknowledged the problem, promising that the team will offer an update “when [they] have more information.”

This means that the Fortnite developers are already hard at work investigating the issue, and once they identify the source of the problem it will definitely be a priority bug to squash. The Fortnite unable to move or access inventory glitch could be something that players will need to wait for Epic Games to fix, but it couldn’t hurt to try the below steps in order to verify that the problem isn’t being caused on the user end.

  • Close Fortnite
  • Reboot your hardware
  • Launch Fortnite and try again
  • If that doesn’t work, you may want to delete and redownload the game
    • This could fix any potential error with the application of the latest update, which may be the cause of this glitch