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Modern Warfare The Embassy Stuck Mission | Campaign bug fix

The Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019) single-player campaign was one of the game’s highlights for many, though an annoying glitch is stopping some players from progressing past the halfway point. “The Embassy” is campaign mission number seven of a total 14, but a progression glitch that can strike while marking targets from a rooftop is turning an otherwise enjoyable setpiece into a complete nightmare. This Modern Warfare The Embassy stuck bug can be a real pain, but, thankfully, there’s a known fix that shouldn’t be hard to implement.

The Embassy Modern Warfare glitch fix

The Embassy Modern Warfare stuck

After progressing through the mission as normal, you’ll reach a point where your character will pull out a laser pointer in order to mark targets for airstrikes. Enemies will advance on your position both on foot and in vehicles, making for a hectic rooftop defence, but try to take note of the far left corner from which most trucks spawn when looking out over the battlefield. The area is highlighted by the red circle in this guide’s featured image.

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After killing all incoming enemies and realizing that the game has failed to advance, you’ll need to use the laser pointer to spam this vehicle spawn point with explosive rockets. It may take a good few attempts, though eventually, an out-of-sight vehicle that’s become stuck should be destroyed. You’ll know that the unseen target is down when a checkpoint is triggered and your character automatically puts the laser pointer away.

From here, you should be able to progress naturally in order to complete The Embassy and the entire Modern Warfare campaign thereafter. Reports of the glitch have been rolling in for a while now, though it’s currently unknown whether Activision and Infinity Ward are planning to address it in a future patch.