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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX Dojo Tickets | How to get more

Whenever you aren’t exploring randomized dungeons in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Rescue Team DX you’ll most likely be taking in the serene sights and sounds of Pokemon Square. This idyllic hub location features a variety of useful stalls that can help you to learn/forget moves and also link/unlink moves, amongst other activities, but perhaps the most useful thing to do is visit Makuhita Dojo to the south. You’ll need Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX Dojo Tickets to participate in drills, however, so stick with us to learn how you can get more.

How to get more Dojo Tickets in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Rescue Team DX

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX Dojo Tickets

Dojo Tickets are used to participate in Dojo drills, which see one Pokemon from your party enter a maze catered to their type (Water-type, Fire-type, etc.) and defeat as many other Pokemon as possible within a time limit. In doing so they’ll earn major EXP gains, making this the quickest way to level up your party by far.

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Gold, Silver, and Bronze Dojo Tickets are a rare commodity, but there are ways to increase your chances of securing them. Probably the easiest way is by frequently checking your home mailbox and reading all of the letters, which sometimes contain freebies. If there’s nothing there, head east to the Pelliper Post Office and check the noticeboard for available jobs.

All jobs offer a reward, though you’ll want to keep your eyes peeled for those that specifically offer Dojo Tickets as payouts — just like the one from the Pidgey pictured above. While out working jobs, you should also prioritize heading to sparkly dungeons over non-sparkly dungeons.

Sparkling dungeons are guaranteed to contain more loot, which should result in enemies dropping Treasure Boxes far more frequently. The randomized contents of each Treasure Box remain a mystery until you return safely to the surface, and provided you do (they’ll be lost forever if you don’t) you could find more Dojo Tickets within them.