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Fortnite Oro Skin | How to unlock the new Outfit

Epic just dropped the latest Fortnite update, which introduces a whole lot of in-game cosmetics; perhaps the best of the bunch is a new Legendary Outfit, the Fortnite Oro skin. This character cosmetic is solid gold (literally), turning your avatar into a gleaming golden skeleton complete with some sweet detailing. If you’re looking to get your hands on the Fortnite Oro Outfit, we’ve got you covered in this helpful guide.

How to get the Oro skin in Fortnite

Fortnite Oro skin

When developer Epic Games bring their popular battle royale game back online following completion of the update, you’ll want to check the rotating Item Shop in order to see whether the Oro skin is available for purchase. If it isn’t there yet, don’t worry, as that’s normal. Just keep checking back daily and eventually you should see the Oro skin sat waiting to be bought.

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Since the Fortnite Oro skin is of Legendary quality, making it a top-tier item, it’ll most likely cost 2,000 V-Bucks. This amount of premium in-game currency is equivalent to $20 ($19.98, to be exact), so, if you’re happy to spend that, you’ll be able to go ahead and deck yourself out in gold.

The Fortnite Oro Legendary Outfit item description, courtesy of @Lucas7yoshi, reads as follows:

Golden treasure, an eternal obsession.

Wearing the skin makes players into a skeleton comprised of solid gold, but not only that — they’ll also sport a golden crown and bracelet, both of which are encrusted with jewels. To really complete the skin and illustrate the “eternal obsession” mentioned in the item description, the Oro Outfit also features a tattered ancient knight’s tabard. By the looks of it, this Oro guy or girl spent an eternity seeking out golden treasures and untold riches along with ’em.