Pokemon Sword and Shield Flame Orb | Location and use

If you’re a talented Pokemon Sword and Shield player, you might be looking to get your hands on the Flame Orb Held Item. Now, at first, it doesn’t seem all that useful; it’ll actually inflict recurring burn damage upon the party member you have holding it, rather than doing anything to affect your opponent. This makes the Pokemon Sword and Shield Flame Orb initially appear counterproductive, but, with some creative implementation, it can be used to your advantage with great effect.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Flame Orb location

Pokemon Sword and Shield Flame Orb

Getting your hands on the Flame Orb in Pokemon Sword or Pokemon Shield (it’s the same process whichever version of the game you own) can be a bit of a grind due to the involvement of luck. You’ll need to make your way to Wyndon in-game, then navigate to Wyndon Stadium — in other words, the Pokemon League HQ.

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Take note of Ball Guy’s location to the left of the lobby, as he’ll eventually be the one to reward you with the Flame Orb Pokemon Sword and Shield item. The catch is, you only get one randomized reward from a long list of potential items each time you beat the Pokemon League. This means that you’ll need to repeat the lengthy battle process over and over until you finally get the desired reward.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Flame Orb use

Pokemon Sword and Shield Flame Orb


Once you’ve got your Flame Orb, it’s time to put it into action. There are a couple of potential strategies here that make Flame Orb a help instead of a hinderance.

If you assign the Flame Orb to a Pokemon with the Guts ability, the burn damage trade-off will almost certainly be worth the 50% attack power boost they’ll gain through suffering an ongoing status effect. Alternatively, if the Flame Orb is given to a Pokemon with the Trick ability they can transfer it onto an opponent, alongside the accompanying negative status effects.