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How to Beat Vegeta in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot

You may find yourself struggling with the Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Vegeta fight, which is understandable, considering how strong the Saiyan Prince supposedly is. If you are struggling to defeat Vegeta, however, we’ve got a number of tips to help you win the multi-stage fight. Read on to discover how to beat Vegeta in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot.

How to Beat Vegeta in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot

How to Beat Vegeta in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot

Vegeta will likely prove to be your first true test as a Z Warrior in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot. You’ll fight the quick and powerful Saiyan Prince a total of three times before the boss fight is completed. Vegeta has more than a few tricks up his sleeves that’ll ensure you need to stay on your toes the entire time you fight him. Below, we’ve got helpful tips that should help you defeat all three forms of Vegeta. Getting three S ranks here is possible if you follow our tips.

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Goku vs Vegeta Tips

Before you fight Vegeta as Goku, you do have a chance to explore the world at your leisure. Use this time to eat a few meals, do a bit of training, and to ensure that you have the best Super Attacks available. We’d recommend you make sure you have a good number of healing items to hand, too, that you can use in battle. Going in head-first might not be your best option here, for example.

  • Keep your distance from Vegeta and wait for him to attack first, dodge his chain attacks rather than block them
  • Vegeta’s Galick Gun is simple to dodge, wait for him to use it, dodge it, and fire off your own Kamehameha
  • Attack Vegeta after his Rage dies down. This is a good window to throw everything you’ve got at him
  • Try to evade Vegeta’s Consecutive Energy Shot, rather than block it. Blocking this attack will more than likely end with your guard being broken
  • If you’ve got some health to spare, going Kaio-Ken to boost your attack might not be a bad shout
  • Try to dodge Vegeta’s slashing energy attacks. If you can avoid one or two, try to move in close and attack him, this should stop him using the annoying move

Goku vs Great Ape Vegeta Tips

How to Beat Vegeta in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot

You won’t have a chance to rest before fighting Great Ape Vegeta. Thankfully, however, you should level up once or twice upon defeating Vegeta as Goku. This will bring your Health and Ki up to full again. Great Ape Vegeta deals out a lot of damage, so do try to avoid his strikes.

  • Great Ape Vegeta hits hard, try to avoid his strikes and heal when necessary
  • Evade whenever Great Ape Vegeta begins to aggressively slam the ground, go in for a few hits after he finishes this chain attack
  • When Great Ape Vegeta jumps high, run away as fast as possible. You do not want to be there when he lands
  • Avoid his Galick Gun at all costs, block if you can’t dodge it
  • Use attacks such as Kamehameha to deal some damage from afar
  • You should deal more damage to Great Ape Vegeta’s head, so attack that spot if you can

Gohan vs Vegeta Tips

how to beat Vegeta in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot

This is the easiest of the three fights against Vegeta, as he has already been wounded a lot up to this point. You should see that even as Gohan, you have far more health than Vegeta by this point, who attacks slower than before and more desperately. Again, though, you will have the chance to level up, eat a meal, and ensure you have enough healing items equipped before you head into this fight. Even though it is easier, following these tips should help you out:

  • Dodge Vegeta’s Galick Gun and fire off a Masenko
  • Melee attacks will work wonders here, too