Box art - Journey to the Savage Planet

Journey to the Savage Planet Final Boss | How to defeat Teratomo

The Journey to the Savage final boss is quite a pain. You probably know that if you’ve gone against it a few times and if you haven’t be warned, this guide contains heavy spoilers, obviously. The giant blob is beatable and isn’t as hard if you know what to shoot and when to shoot it. So here’s how to beat Teratomo in Journey to the Savage Planet.

Journey to the Savage Planet Final Boss | How to beat Teratomo

Journey to the Savage Planet Final Boss | How to defeat Teratomo

Teratomo can be a terable terrible jerk once you first see him after descending into the pit at the end of the game. It looks like the weak spot is his eyes or his gold tooth but that is not the case. Do not both aiming there because it basically does nothing, despite the hit markers you get for shooting at those particular places.

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Instead, aim and shoot his tentacles, one of which has been highlighted in the above picture. There will be glowing bits around him that you can pop one by one. It may seem obvious but they are easy to miss. Be sure to look out for when he’s shooting at you and making the floor catch fire. Just grapple to other platforms to avoid his incoming shots.

The reflecting shot works wonders here. It’s one of the gun upgrades you can craft once you complete a certain number of science experiments. Charge the game up a few times by pressing reload when your clip is full. You have to nail the timing mini-game twice to get the reflecting shot, which is red. Once you correctly charge your bouncy shot, aim at the tentacles and it’ll knock out a bunch of them.

After you knock down a third of his health, he’ll roll out his tongue. Quickly run up it and interact with the thing trapped inside his mouth. Repeat these steps until he dies and you win.