Temtem Beached Narwhal Quest Glitch | Stuck after giving Toxolotl fix

Pokemon-style MMO Temtem is taking the PC platform by storm. It’s introducing a whole new audience to the joys of capturing and battling cute creatures, although, with the game currently being in Early Access, there are naturally some elements that are causing problems. One such issue is the Temtem Beached Narwhal quest glitch, which stands in the way of progress for all those affected. There’s cause for celebration, though: Temtem developer Crema has implemented a fix and the information you need to take advantage is right here in this guide.

How to complete bugged “Beached Narwhal” quest in Temtem

Temtem Beached Narwhal quest glitch

If you’ve progressed to the Beached Narwhal quest in Temtem and reached its conclusion, whereby you’ll need to give Akatzin a Toxolot, it’s possible that your game will have frozen. This is a nuisance in itself, though it becomes altogether more frustrating with the realization when you boot the game back up that the quest has not registered as complete but the Toxolotl is gone.

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It’d only be a minor irritation if all that you needed to do was find and deliver another Toxolotl, but Akatzin won’t accept one and, as such, you’re completely stuck. Following reports of the issue surfacing online, the Temtem development team at Crema has been quick to address the problem and recently confirmed that a fix is on the way via Twitter.

As noted in the @PlayTemtem tweet above, there’s a Temtem patch going out today (January 24) which will allow players to deliver a new Toxolot to Akatzin and complete the Beached Narwhal quest. So, in order to progress, you’ll just need to download the latest Temtem update and from there seek out a Toxolot. After that, simply return to Akatzin who should now accept it in order to complete the quest.