Temtem Controller Support | Can I use a controller?

If you’ve been looking at the early-access Pokemon-inspired MMO Temtem, but want to know the answer to “can I play Temtem with a controller?” You’ve come to the right place. In this Temtem controller support guide, we’ll let you in on whether you can play the monster capturing MMO on PC with a controller or not. Read on to discover if you can use controllers to play Temtem.

Temtem Controller Support | Can I use a controller?

Temtem controller support

Yes, you can play Temtem on the PC with a controller. Crema’s Steam Early Access MMO has full controller support. This is no doubt great news for those of you who prefer to play third-person RPGs with an analog stick or two. Of course, if you’d rather stick to mouse and keyboard, you can. You’re in control here.

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Whether or not you prefer to use a controller over mouse and keyboard is up to you. We’ve seen reports that opening the menu is odd in default controls (pressing the L2 button). As of writing, we’re unsure if you can freely edit the button input while using a controller. Despite this, you may find yourself plumping for a controller-based experience given Temtem’s similarities with Pokemon.

To make things even better for you, you can seemingly use any controller to play Temtem, the game’s Steam listing tells of “Full Controller Support”, anyway. This means that you can use an Xbox 360, Xbox One, Dualshock 4, and Switch Pro Controller to play the game. According to this Reddit thread, too, Temtem will automatically detect your controller of choice, providing the correct overlays. You can also apparently choose between the button overlays, too, which would be a… different choice. It sounds very much like the choice is yours when it comes to Temtem controller support. Choose whatever controller feels the most natural to you.