Magia Record Episode 5 Release Date

Magic is in the air once again as we near the Magia Record: Puella Magi Madoka Magica Side Story episode 5 release date. Thankfully, we’re here to let you know when and where you can watch it. In this Magia Record episode 5 release date guide, we’ll let you in on when the premiere date and times should be for the latest episode of this magical anime. Discover the Magia Record episode 5 release dates and times in the U.S. and U.K. below.

When is the Magia Record episode 5 release date?

Magia Record episode 5

Magia Record is a tricky anime to keep track of. New episodes of the anime release on different platforms on different dates. The earliest Magia Record episode 5 release date, however, is Saturday, February 1. This will be on Funimation, for subscription holders only (for at least a week, anyway, it will be free to watch eventually).

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The Magia Record anime is simulcast around the world subbed on Funimation, with it premiering on Crunchyroll a week later, on February 8, 2020. This means, of course, that Funimation is the place to be to watch Magia Record as soon as possible. Perfect for avoiding spoilers. With all of this in mind, however, the Magia Record episode 5 release times are as follows:

  • Funimation:
    • 7 AM PT, February 1
    • 10 AM ET, February 1
    • 3 PM GMT, February 1
    • 4 PM CET, February 1
  • Crunchyroll:
    • 8:30 AM PT, February 8
    • 11:30 AM ET, February 8
    • 4:30 PM GMT, February 8
    • 5:30 PM CET, February 8

Simply head to either Funimation or Crunchyroll at the dates and times listed above to watch episode 5 of Magia Record as soon as it premieres. If you don’t see the episode listed, refresh the page until you do, which can take a few minutes, unfortunately. If you don’t see it listed after a good while, however, please do check on relevant social media channels for any last-minute delays or schedule changes.

Magia Record episode 5 English dub release time

Magia Record episode 5

As of writing, we are unaware of any plans for an English dub of Magia Record, let alone episode 5. You’ll have to stick to the subbed version of the show for now.