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What is Hammond Robotics in Apex Legends?

The recent Hammond Robotics Apex Legends references are popping up in a few places: signs in-game, on social media, and in general story background. We’ll explain what Hammond Robotics has to do with Apex Legends and how it all ties together with the new Season 4 Legend Revenant.

What do the Hammond Robotics Apex Legends references mean?

Hammond Robotics Apex Legends Revenant

The Hammond Robotics Apex Legends references are largely popping up as part of the storyline for the new Season 4 Legend Revenant. It doesn’t seem like it makes much sense at first, but it will once you understand the background.

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Let’s go back a ways to Titanfall, the games that ultimately gave birth to the battle royale that is Apex Legends. One of the many companies specifically named in Titanfall is (surprise, surprise) Hammond Robotics. The robotics company produces much of the equipment seen in the game including Titans, armor, gadgets, and even spaceships capable of interstellar travel.

In the lead-up to Season 4, Forge was revealed as the purported next Legend and he was sponsored by Hammond Robotics — this explains the Hammond Robotics Apex Legends signs and other references in social media like the following tweets:

However, Forge encountered a mild case of dead-ness when Revenant appeared during a television interview and stabbed him in the back, reportedly killing him. Following this shocking (and darkly humorous) reveal, the above tweets began to pop up, indicating that Revenant has some kind of vendetta against Hammond Robotics.

There are, however, still many unanswered questions.  Why does Revenant appear to have a beef with Hammond Robotics? Why was Hammond Robotics trying to sponsor Forge to enter the Apex Legends tournament? We don’t yet have the answers to these questions. Hopefully, we’ll find out more about how Hammond Robotics ties into Season 4 of Apex Legends when it launches in February 2020.