Temtem Update Won’t Download | How to fix

As it is an MMO in early access, Temtem is on the receiving end of updates on a more-than-regular basis. Unfortunately, we’ve noticed that more than a few of you have complained that the latest Temtem update won’t download. If you’re finding that you are unable to download and install the latest update for the monster-catching MMO, we’re here with a fix for you that should, hopefully, work. Read on for a Temtem update won’t download fix.

Temtem Update Won’t Download | How to fix

Temtem update won't download

We’ve seen more than a few comments from Temtem players such as this one on Twitter from dlwldme, explaining that the update doesn’t work. People are noting that it says it is “downloading 0 out of 0 bytes,” meaning that it isn’t downloading anything when it should be. Of course, as it’s an online-only game, you cannot play Temtem unless you have its latest update installed. Thankfully, there is an easy enough fix that should, hopefully, work. You’ll need to verify your game files.

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In order to fix the update download not working error in Temtem, you’ll have to verify your game files. Hopefully, this should make it so you can download and install the latest update for the Pokemon-esque MMO. As you can see in the link to Twitter above, this fix is suggested in the same thread as the original complaint. As it’s a suggestion, however, we cannot guarantee that the fix will definitely work for you. We do recommend that you at least try the fix, though.

To verify your Temtem game files and, hopefully, fix the update won’t download error, you’ll need to follow these steps:

  • Open Steam
    • Head to your Steam Library
  • Right-click Temtem
    • Choose “Properties”
  • Click the “Local Files” tab
    • Choose “Verify integrity of game files”

Following these steps will get Steam to verify your Temtem game files. The verifying process could take a few minutes, so you’re aware. This should, hopefully, fix your update not downloading issues. If it doesn’t you’ll have to wait on word from Crema for a fix or raise the issue with the developer on the Temtem forums.