Should I Watch Studio Ghibli Films Subbed or Dubbed on Netflix?

Now that the Studio Ghibli films are out on Netflix, the perennial question that has forever been plaguing anime discussion has returned. Should I watch Studio Ghibli films subbed or dubbed on Netflix? In this guide, we’ll let you know if you should be watching the Studio Ghibli films on Netflix in English dubs or original Japanese with subtitles. Read on to discover what we think on the subject before streaming the films.

Should I Watch Studio Ghibli Films Subbed or Dubbed on Netflix?

Studio Ghibli films subbed or dubbed

Subtitles and original Japanese voices, or English dub? Anime fans have been pondering this very question for years when it comes to just about every single anime release ever. Of course, this means Studio Ghibli films are a part of the question. When it comes to watching Studio Ghibli films subbed or dubbed, however, we’d argue that the choice is entirely up to you. There is no better answer here. We do think, though, that it depends on each film.

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It’s all a matter of authenticity vs ease of watching. If you find subtitles distract you from the visuals and stories of anime, sticking with the English dub is a good choice. If you’d rather watch in Japanese (with English subtitles) as you prefer to watch anime in its original language, meanwhile, that choice is fine, too. With films such as My Neighbors the Yamadas, however, which is inherently Japanese, we do recommend sticking with the subbed version for full effect.

Typically speaking, we’d argue that you should watch the subbed format of anime whenever possible, as the voice acting should be better and in-line with the vision of the original director. The English dubs for Studio Ghibli, however, often feature recognizable names from Hollywood. The likes of Debbie Reynolds, Elle Fanning, Kirsten Dunst, and Mark Hamill appear thanks to Disney’s involvement in the Western releases, although these might not be in the Netflix releases, considering the existence of Disney+ these days.

While we’d opt for subbed when it makes more sense with Japan-centric stories, choosing the English dub isn’t a bad option if you want to relax a little more and focus a little less. Ultimately, it’s your choice.