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What is the Fortnite Chaos Physics Engine?

While a Fortnite update usually adds in a bunch of new cosmetics and fixes a few bugs, the latest patch brings the Unreal Engine Chaos Physics system into the game. What is the Fortnite Chaos Physics engine?” In this guide, we’ll let you in on what the Chaos Physics engine is and what it should be doing to the game. Read on to discover everything we know about the new physics system in Fortnite.

What is the new Fortnite physics engine?

Fortnite Chaos Physics engine

As stated above, the Fortnite Chaos Physics engine is a new Unreal Engine physics system that has been implemented into Fortnite. As of writing, it appears as though little has changed in the game following the update and new physics engine. That’s according to reliable dataminer Lucas7yoshi, at least. Essentially, though, a new physics system should theoretically be an improvement on the old one, with better and more advanced physics being implemented into the game.

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One such new feature should be buildings collapsing, rather than disappearing. It is unclear if this has been implemented into the game, however. Epic Games didn’t want to rock the boat with the change, so it might not look too different right now. You may well struggle to see any differences following the update. Some visual bugs may appear, however.

While the new physics engine should improve the game in the long run visually, you may find a bunch of visual bugs to begin with. Epic Games is aware of this. The developers will be “closely monitoring… feedback” from the physics change, according to the latest round of patch notes. If you do encounter any issues, you should report them via the in-game Feeback tool. Make sure to tick that it is a bug report and enter “Physics” into the subject line. Prepare yourself for a better Fortnite tomorrow by helping out today.