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Is there an Apex Legends Nintendo Switch release date?

Ever since Apex Legends achieved surprise success by stealth releasing and temporarily beating out Fortnite just over a year ago, many players have been clamoring for an opportunity to take the game on the go. With Apex now having celebrated its first anniversary, could Respawn Entertainment and Electronic Arts’ plans for the property include an Apex Legends Nintendo Switch release date?

Here’s everything we currently know about whether there might be an Apex Legends Switch version on the horizon.

Is Apex Legends coming to Nintendo Switch?

Apex Legends Nintendo Switch release date

Update (6/18/20): During EA Play Live 2020, Respawn officially announced a Nintendo Switch port of Apex Legends. The release date is unknown at this time, but will likely arrive around the same time as the cross-play update.

Early last year, Respawn Entertainment’s Drew McCoy — lead producer on Apex Legends — addressed early demand for a Switch port. McCoy acknowledged that the developers were “hearing all the Switch players who say they want the game,” though ultimately continued to state that he “can’t make any promises” to the disappointment of many.

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Apex Legends is in an entirely different position now, however, and, if EA CEO Andrew Wilson is to be believed, the publisher is currently making plans to bring Apex to new platforms. The news comes from a recent Electronic Arts earnings call, which sparked speculation about potential upcoming mobile, Xbox Series X, PS5, and, of course, Nintendo Switch versions of Apex Legends.

There’s been no official confirmation of which platform(s) are being targetted, but taking everything into account it appears more likely now than ever that we could soon see an Apex Legends Nintendo Switch release date being unveiled.

With Season 3 of Apex Legends noted to be a big success in the same EA earnings call, it’s only natural that the team behind the game would want to capitalize on that by making it available to as wide an audience as possible. Since the battle royale game is free-to-play it already casts a pretty wide net, though being present on more platforms — especially those where there’s clear demand — will certainly help to achieve that goal.