How to make your gaming setup look better

Creating a smart gaming setup isn’t just about buying the right hardware and throwing it into your room, creating a mess of wires and controllers. While stereotypes might have painted gamers out to be messy individuals, you don’t have to live that way. Thankfully, with the tips we’ve laid out below, you’ll be able to turn a potential fire and trip hazard into your own peaceful video game sanctuary. Here’s how to make your gaming setup look better (including some cheap and cheerful options)!

How can I make my gaming setup look better?

smart gaming setup

Smart Gaming Setup Tips: Cable management

The first step to turning a messy gaming setup into a smart gaming setup is to tame the number one eyesore: wires. If you can conceal the cables running between your many gaming systems and displays, then you’ll have won the toughest part of the battle. While a rat’s nest of wires can be a tough challenge, there are a number of very useful products that will help keep those cables looking clean and tangle-free.

  • JOTO Cable Management Sleeve (4 pieces)
    • This cheap, yet very cheerful, cable management solution helps to keep your cables together inside of a single, clean-looking wrap cover.
  • Cable Concealer Wall Raceway
    • This comes in clutch for keeping wall-mounted displays looking super tidy. You can hide a power cable and a couple of HDMIs in this extremely clean cord cover.
  • Velcro Cable Ties (50 pieces)
    • While traditional zip ties can be useful, we prefer the velcro cable ties due to how they can be easily adjusted and reused. What’s more, they come in a variety of colors, though black or white are preferred when aiming for a clean look.
  • Under Desk Cable Management Tray
    • Got a mess of wires falling down from your desk onto the floor? An under desk cable management tray is the ultimate solution for taming that mess.
  • Cable Management Box
    • If the area near your wall outlets is looking like a den of snakes, consider introducing a cable management box. This should straighten out those snakey wires!

Smart Gaming Setup Tips: Subtle decoration

Once you’ve tidied up the cables with management solutions, and maybe some wireless peripherals, it’s then time to own that space with a bit of personalization. You should be proud of your gaming setup and some subtle touches of personality will help make it pop.

  • RGB Lighting with Remote (USB Powered)
    • RGB lighting done wrong can look like a tacky mess, but introducing some subtle tones to at the rear of your television or desk can offer accent lighting that helps make the setup feel complete. Get creative with these cheap sets.
  • Funko Pop and other figures
    • While it might be tempting to start collecting a ton of these little figurines, it’s important to keep yourself under control when aiming for a clean gaming setup. One or two is all you need to give your space some personality.
  • Artificial Plants (Bonsai Tree)
    • While we’re fans of the bonsai tree, introducing any plant into your setup is a good idea for nailing that clean look. Go artificial if you can’t be bothered caring for a little plant lad.

Cheap gaming setup accessories

smart gaming setup

What is the best cheap gaming setup?

If you have a limited budget and just want the cheapest clean gaming setup, then combine the following items below:

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