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Fortnite 11.50 update patch notes contain secret change to motorboats

The Fortnite 11.50 update patch notes contain a secret change not mentioned by Epic Games. The new update features a change to the game’s motorboats, removing glitches that had previously helped players increase the speed of the vehicles.

The 11.50 update saw Epic Games removing previous glitches that allowed players to use the motorboat’s rockets to increase the speed of the vehicle, along with removing the ability to increase their speed by way of hitting them with pickaxes.

Fortnite leaker and dataminer Yanteh spotted the changes in the update’s files, with the changes not being openly communicated by Epic. Instead, players were left scratching their heads following the 11.50 update, after realizing that the previous motorboat glitches no longer worked in-game.

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The two changes are labeled as ‘ShouldPickaxeImpulse’ and ‘ShouldLaunchBoats’ in the game’s code, with the latter referring to players’ ability to fire rockets at the hull of the motorboat, propelling it forward in the process.

The code reads as follows:

  • +CurveTable=/Game/Athena/Balance/DataTables/AthenaGameData;RowUpdate;Default.Vehicle.Meatball.ShouldPickaxeImpulse;0;0
  • +CurveTable=/Game/Athena/Balance/DataTables/AthenaGameData;RowUpdate;Default.Vehicle.Meatball.Missile.ShouldLaunchBoats;0;0

The full Fortnite 11.50 update patch notes don’t make reference to this change, with them instead focusing on the new limited-time mode ‘Love and War.’ It also breaks down the new Chaos physics system, a major change implemented in the new update that Epic has nonetheless designed to go unnoticed.

Considering that the motorboat’s unorthodox speed boosts were glitches, it’s no surprise that Epic has removed them from the game. Still, players who were enjoying using the workaround to give themselves an extra advantage will likely miss this unintended feature.