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Apex Legends Octane Edition Bundle | Exclusive character skin, weapon skin, and more

Apex Legends‘ resident adrenaline junkie, Octane, is set to receive his very own edition soon. Publisher Electronic Arts (EA) and developer Respawn Entertainment have already released versions of the popular battle royale game based on its Lifeline and Bloodhound characters, but Octane will be the first post-launch Legend to star in their very own version. If you’re a big fan of 24-year-old Octavio Silva, then we’ve got you covered with the complete Apex Legends Octane Edition bundle contents right here.

What is in the Apex Legends Octane Edition bundle?

Apex Legends Octane Edition bundle

Although the Apex Legends Octane Edition hasn’t officially been announced at the time of writing, following its accidental reveal by Microsoft on the Xbox Store it’s all but a certainty. Thanks to that listing, we already know what exclusive items are set to be introduced for those that purchase Apex Legends Octane Edition.

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Apex Legends Octane Edition contents

  • Apex Legends game
  • Exclusive Octane character skin
  • Exclusive Charge Rifle weapon skin
  • Exclusive gun charm
  • Exclusive badge
  • 1,000 Apex coins

Seemingly, unlike the previous Lifeline and Bloodhound versions of the game, no banner will be included this time around.

All of the exclusive Octane cosmetics are married together by a striking white and neon purple color scheme that’s bursting with just as much energy as the character himself. The new Octane skin is particularly cool, which could be enough to sell fans of the adrenaline junkie on this upcoming bundle alone.

Courtesy of the leak we also know that the planned release date is Tuesday, February 18. This was likely intended to coincide with the conclusion of the Apex Legends Valentine’s Day event, though that’s since been extended. It has been suggested that the release of Apex Legends Octane Edition could be delayed to match, but that seems unlikely in the grand scheme of things.