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Is the Apex Legends Assimilation Pack worth it?

If you’re playing free-to-play battle royale game Apex Legends, you’re probably at least somewhat conscious of how and where you invest your money. That being said, it can still be nice to reward developers for their hard work every now and again. With that in mind: Is the Apex Legends Assimilation Pack worth it? Stick with us for a breakdown of what’s included, how much the new DLC will set you back, and whether it’s a worthwhile purchase.

Is it worth getting the Apex Legends Assimilation Pack?

Is the Apex Legends Assimilation Pack worth it

Apex Legends‘ Assimilation Pack was originally leaked a while back when data-miner @shrugtal shared a new line of code on Twitter. It’s since been made official and released to the public, but is it really worth spending the $5 asking price on?

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Put simply, the Apex Legends Assimilation Pack is definitely worth it. Here’s why:

Apex Legends Assimilation Pack contents

  • Revenant Rare Skin
  • 600 Apex Coins

With 1,000 Apex Coins costing $10, we can discern that 100 Apex Coins are worth $1. As a result, getting 600 Coins ($6 value) and a new Revenant skin for just $5 makes the Apex Legends Assimilation Pack great value for money.

The Revenant skin, which is pictured in this guide’s featured image, is also pretty striking. A regal mix of teal and gold, new post-launch introduction Revenant almost looks like an old Egyptian pharaoh come back to life when you combine the outfit with his skeletal face. Of course, in reality, Revenant never was alive, being Apex Legends‘ so-called “Synthetic Nightmare” that’s quoted as saying: “I’ve seen the other side, Skinbag. There is nothing. You are nothing.”

If you want to put that somber sentiment into action by playing as Revenant in Apex Legends, then purchasing the Assimilation Pack and showing off the included skin is definitely worth your money.