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Modern Warfare Warzone Equipment List | All killstreaks and prices leaks

Ever since Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019) launched, most players have been eager to see a battle royale mode implemented into the game. Now, thanks to a variety of leaks, the first details on Call of Duty: Warzone are starting to emerge and they seem pretty exciting on the whole. One of the biggest pieces of leaked information is the Modern Warfare Warzone equipment list, however, which indicates that combatants will be able to purchase killstreaks and equipment mid-match.

In this guide, we’ll cover what in-game items and killstreaks will be on offer at CoD: Warzone Supply Stations and how much they’ll set you back.

Call of Duty: Warzone | Modern Warfare battle royale equipment list

Modern Warfare Warzone equipment list

Judging from the leaked image above, it appears as though battle royale in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare will feature an interesting twist. Presumably, all players will drop into the fray with no money and then proceed to earn some scratch by scoring kills, completing objectives, etc. After doing so, it appears that you’ll be able to visit a Supply Station in order to purchase some incredibly helpful items and killstreaks.

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The full list of Modern Warfare Supply Station equipment, along with prices, is outlined below:

All Modern Warfare Warzone Supply Station equipment and costs

  • Armor Plate Bundle — $1,500
  • Gas Mask — $3,000
  • Precision Airstrike — $3,000
  • Shield Turret — $3,000
  • Cluster Strike — $3,500
  • UAV — $4,000
  • Munitions Box — $5,000
  • Drop Kit Marker — $6,000

Of course, due to the leaked nature of this information, it’s all subject to change. Activision and Infinity Ward may choose to tweak equipment availability and costs as they continue to test Call of Duty: Warzone ahead of its official release to the general public.

Additionally, it isn’t yet clear whether the functionality of equipment will be tweaked for Warzone. Utilizing a conventional CoD UAV could prove incredibly powerful in a battle royale setting, for example.

[Image credit: josuebro on Reddit]