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Dreams Age Rating | Is Dreams safe for kids?

If your kid has been pestering you about Dreams, the game where you can make seemingly anything you can, well, dream of, you’ll want to know what the Dreams age rating is. We’ll tell you exactly that in this guide. Read on to discover the ESRB and PEGI ratings for the game. Find out the answer to “is Dreams safe for kids?” below. Discover what kind of thing you can make and share, too.

Dreams Age Rating

Dreams age rating

The Dreams age rating is similar in both the U.S. and throughout Europe. Essentially, it may prove a little unsuitable for children aged below 12. The Dreams age rating through ESRB and PEGI is as follows:

  • ESRB:
    • T for Teen: Fantasy Violence, Language, Users Interact, In-Game Purchases
  • PEGI:
    • 12: Violence, Bad Language

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During the Dreams Story mode, you will encounter some level of realistic violence and instances of bad language. What makes Dreams stand out, however, is that you can create whatever you want and upload your creations for others to watch, play, and listen to. This does make it more difficult to tell if it’s safe for kids.

Is Dreams Safe for Kids?

Dreams Age Rating

While it’s easy to understand the age rating of the game and what kind of thing you’ll encounter in its story mode, the open sharing and creation tools of Dreams make it complicated to answer the “is Dreams safe for kids?” question. People can make and share whatever they like in Dreams… within limits.

You can make anything in the game and keep it on the console, but the developers and Sony will be reviewing each upload for graphic content. This means that if your creation is too violent, is pornographic in nature, or steps too high above the game’s Teen age rating, it won’t be uploaded to Dreams‘ servers for others to play. Your kid should be safe, therefore, to search through and play content created by other players in Dreams.

Do be aware, however, that some unsuitable content will inevitably slip through the cracks. Some age-inappropriate content may be available to play and watch until it gets deleted by the developers, too. As long as your kid is aged 12 and over, however, they should be fine to play. Any younger, though, and we’d probably recommend they can play with parent or guardian’s supervision. You can always check on what’s available to download and play before your kid does.