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Nioh 2 PC Release Date | Is it coming to PC?

The original Nioh took its time in making the transition from PS4 to PC back in 2017, and it seems like history is set to repeat itself in 2020. Nioh 2 looks poised to offer more of the same intense combat and engaging exploration that made the first game so beloved, which is precisely why gaming’s master race is clamoring to learn the Nioh 2 PC release date.

Stick with us, as in this guide we’ve laid out everything you need to know about when you can get your hands on the PC version of Team Ninja’s upcoming Nioh 2.

What is the Nioh 2 PC release date?

Nioh 2 PC release date

Although it’s being kept relatively quiet at this stage — likely due to the fact that Sony Interactive Entertainment is publishing the PS4 version — there is a Nioh 2 PC port in the works. According to GameSpot, Nioh 2 is scheduled to release for PC in November 2020.

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Much like the original game, this will allow Nioh 2 a period of PS4 exclusivity (it’s set to hit the console on March 13) that will no doubt serve as a return on PlayStation manufacturer Sony’s investment into the franchise. The extended wait could come to benefit PC players, however, with the developers having longer to work on the title and implement fixes based on bug reports from early PS4 players.

On the PC side of things, Koei Techmo is likely to reprise its role as the publisher. While they might not be as renowned as Sony Interactive Entertainment, there’s little reason to worry, as the Japanese team alongside developer Team Ninja handled porting the original incredibly well. At the time, half-baked PC ports were still relatively commonplace and it was refreshing to see Nioh make the jump unscathed; especially when Dark Souls — its main point of inspiration — had not fared quite so favorably.