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What is the Outriders level cap?

Outriders is an upcoming current and next-generation looter shooter from People Can Fly (BulletstormGears of War: Judgment) that you can learn more about in our preview. If you’re already sold on picking the game up — perhaps on PS5 or Xbox Series X — then you might be wondering just how much of yourself you’ll be able to pour into your custom protagonist. In that case, we’ve got your back, as this guide aims to answer one simple question: What is the Outriders level cap?

Outriders Level Cap | What is the max rank?

What is the Outriders level cap

If you’re adept at playing RPGs and/or looter shooters, a game’s level cap is one of the first aspects likely to cross your mind when considering a purchase. The figure is a good early indication of how customizable a character will be, with a higher level generally correlating with a higher potential to min-max or diversify your character build as you see fit.

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As confirmed in a recent rapid-fire GameInformer interview, the Outriders level cap is 40. When asked “What’s the level cap?” at the 7:11 mark, Outriders game director Bartek Kmita simply replies “40.” That might seem low in comparison to some other games, but it’s entirely possible that the weighing behind earning upgrades and/or the proportional benefits they reap has been tweaked to bring the experience in line with what fans might expect.

With the game not being out yet, it’s currently only possible to speculate, though judging by the same interview it appears as though Outriders will feature some form of endgame content. Kmita was reluctant to comment on the inclusion of endgame raids, stating “I would not talk about the endgame right now.” With this in mind, you probably won’t need to worry about your character peaking too early and being left with nothing to do after beating the main Outriders campaign.