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Outriders Classes | Skills and Abilities

Fans have just had a fresh look at Outriders thanks to a new video from the developers at People Can Fly. In particular, the latest video touched on the game’s various “paths,” which correspond to three different play styles. Another way of thinking of paths would be in terms of classes, and for the first time, we now know what the different Outriders classes and skills look like. Find all the details featured below.

Outriders | All Classes and Skills

Outriders classes paths skills abilities

There are three different classes in Outriders that players can choose from: Devastators, Pyromancers, and Trickers. These class names seem fairly clear-cut: The Pyromancers are fond of fire, the Tricksters are cunning, and the Devastators are meant to be the damage-dealing bruisers.

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However, these Outriders classes and alignments don’t tell the entire story. For a better look at how these classes will play, check out their skills and abilities below.

Outriders | Devastator Skills

The Devastator is the class of choice for players who tend to go tank. Its abilities primarily include skills to lower damage taken, heal when foes are killed, and knock back enemies.

  • Earthquake – releases a blast of energy that damages and knocks back enemies
  • Golem – temporarily reduces damage taken
  • Gravity Jump – deals damage to a single target and knocks back surrounding enemies
  • Healing – heals the Devastator when nearby enemies are killed

Outriders | Pyromancer Skills

The Pyromancer is an excellent choice for players looking to deal ranged damage to groups of enemies. This is the class of choice for area-of-effect damage, which makes the Pyromancer perfect for crowd control.

  • Ash Blast – deals damage and inflicts ash on enemies in an area
  • Thermal Bomb – deal damage and knock back a single enemy. Slain enemies will explode
  • Heatwave – deals fire damage in a straight line
  • Healing – recover health when marked enemies are killed

Outriders | Trickster Skills

Fans of the rogue class will likely get their kicks out of the Trickster. This is an agile class with the potential to deal very high damage, and its risk-vs-reward healing ability allows the Trickster to be regain health when killing in close quarters.

  • Temporal Slice – deal damage and slow a single enemy
  • Slow Trap – slows down enemies caught within the area of effect
  • Hunt the Prey – teleport the Trickster behind an enemy and boost shield
  • Healing – enemies killed at close range will heal the Trickster

The three different classes in Outriders are all meant to work together, making the most out of individual play styles. In order to be most effective, players will need to work together with their allies. Still, there’s little doubt that most will be drawn to the Trickster class for its speed, shields, and ability to slow down incoming attacks.