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What is the best Outriders Trickster build?

Perfecting the Outriders Trickster build can be difficult to do, as there are just so many options available. The best build makes use of the Twisted Rounds’ incredible buffing power, using Class Points and skills to take down opponents. Here’s how to create the best Trickster build in the game.

Best Outriders Trickster build

Best Outriders Trickster Build

The best Outriders Trickster build is one that focuses on dishing out big weapon damage through the use of Twisted Rounds. Players using Trickster builds will want to specialize in Shotguns, with other skills such as Hunt the Prey and Borrowed Time working well. Class points should also be spent improving your shotgun specialty.’

To get the best Outriders Trickster build, players will want to spend Class Points on the following skill tree nodes:

  1. Arms Trick
  2. Bulletstorm
  3. Death Probability
  4. Shotgun Master
  5. Deadly Shadow
  6. Arms Trick
  7. Outrider Executioner
  8. Disruptive Firepower
  9. Singularity
  10. Unforseen End
  11. Arms Trick
  12. Death Probability
  13. Unforseen End
  14. Oddity Summation
  15. Shotgun Adept
  16. Cold Calculation
  17. Death Probability
  18. Bounty Hunter
  19. Equilibrium
  20. Equilibrium

Players using the above class will want to specialize in shotguns. The three best Skills for this class are Twisted Rounds, Hunt the Prey, and Borrowed Time. However, there is room for Venator’s Knife.

With 20 total Class Points to assign, there is room for flexibility. Players who don’t want to use shotguns and instead get boosts to assault rifles, light-machine guns, and SMGs.

At the time of writing, this is the best Outriders Trickster build for both solo and team play. Though it’s a relatively selfish build, the sheer amount of firepower will help squadmates in battles where there are lots of enemies.

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