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Outriders Crossplay Voice Chat: How to talk to other platforms?

Outriders crossplay voice chat would allow players from across all platforms to talk to one another in-game. Unfortunately, the in-game voice chat is fairly limited in that respect. However, there are some workarounds. Here’s how Outriders players can talk to other platforms in cross-play.

How to turn on Outriders crossplay voice chat

Outriders Crossplay Voice Chat

To turn on Outriders crossplay voice chat, players must simply leave it enabled (the default). However, this feature can only be used by PS4 players talking to PS5 players or Xbox One players talking to Xbox Series X|S players.

Sadly, the in-game cross-play voice chat is limited to just PlayStation console users or Xbox console users talking to each other. A mixture of PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Google Stadia doesn’t work at this time.

Of course, it’s still possible to set up crossplay voice chat for Outriders by using third-party solutions. Discord is a popular option, with players able to sign in on both PC and mobile. Skype is another alternative.

Communication between players is very important when coordinating when to push or retreat, with games like Outriders becoming much more difficult when played in silence.

Hopefully, the developers at People Can Fly can implement in-game cross-play voice chat across more platforms in a post-launch update. The team is already working to allow joining friends through a Square Enix account instead of a game code, so perhaps there’s a chance that in-game chat support will also become more streamlined.

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