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Outriders: How to change class

To get the most out of Outriders, you’ll want to sample each of the game’s classes. From Technomancer to Trickster, each of the four available classes offers something a little bit different. This is especially true when it comes to co-op, as the abilities of each character help round out the power of the entire party. But what if you want to try out another play style without creating a new character? Can you change your class in Outriders?

How to change class in Outriders

How to change class in Outriders

The only way to change your class in Outriders is to switch to a new character. Once you set a class for your main character, it cannot be changed.

Thankfully, it’s very easy to switch to another character and start playing with one of four available classes. Head to the lobby menu, then look for the option to change your character. If you want to try out an entirely new class, choose to create a new character, then select the class you’re interested in playing with. To be most effective in Outriders multiplayer, be sure to coordinate your class with your teammates.

For now, once a character has been assigned a class, its class cannot be changed. Since that’s how the system worked in the demo, it’s unlikely to be changed in future updates. Of course, we’re inclined never to say never; this is just how things work for the time being.

There is at least a small silver lining here. If you swap to a new character to try out another class, you won’t have to sit through the introductory prologue again. As long as you’ve completed the prologue at least once, you’ll be given an option to skip it when starting the game anew.

Sorry, folks: You can’t change a character’s class in Outriders. If you want to play with a different class, you’ll have to switch to another character entirely.