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Does Outriders have PvP multiplayer or is it co-op only?

Outriders PvP multiplayer is a big ask for the shooter, with players of the People Can Fly game wondering if PvP modes are available or if it’s co-op only. So can you play Outriders PvP, or can you only team up with other players?

Does Outriders have PvP multiplayer modes?

does outriders have pvp modes

Outriders doesn’t have any PvP multiplayer modes, with it only focused on co-op play. This means that while you can team up with friends or strangers to take down AI opponents, you won’t be able to do so in order to take on real players.

Publisher Square Enix has noted in the past that PvP is highly requested for the game though it has been built from the ground-up as a PvE experience. People Can Fly has stated that it’s dedicated to making “the best single-player and co-op RPG shooter out there” — while the jury’s still out on whether or not this is the case given that the game has just launched, it’ll remain PvE-only in the meantime.

Will there be an Outriders PvP update?

But will Outriders PvP come in a future update? Given that People Can Fly has focused on its co-op multiplayer, it’s unlikely we’ll see PvP introduced anytime soon. As we’ve seen with games such as Destiny 2 and The Division, balancing a loot shooter with PvP is difficult for a developer to achieve, given that there are inherent balancing issues as players won’t have the same equipment, abilities, and weaponry.

While People Can Fly may introduce PvP to Outriders further down the road, if updates for the game are released, it’s likely that these will focus on improving its co-op experience. However, if the game maintains a loyal player base, PvP could well be added to keep players invested. However, this has not been confirmed by its developer.

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