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Fortnite Keycard Locations | Shark, Rig, Shadow, Grotto

If you’ve found one of the many locked vault doors within Fortnite, you’ll no doubt be wondering what the “Requires Keycard” messaging is all about. While it’s pretty obvious that you need to find a keycard, it isn’t exactly clear where the keycards are located in Fortnite. Thankfully, we have this guide to help you out with the various Fortnite keycard locations. Here’s where you can find the Shark, Rig, Shadow, and Grotto keycards.

Where are the keycards in Fortnite?

Fortnite Keycard Locations

As for where to find keycards in Fortnite, the clue is in the name of the keycard itself. The Shark keycard, for example, can be found at The Shark location. Head there and track down the powerful boss character. Kill it and pick up the keycard.

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  • Shark keycard location
    • As mentioned above, the Shark keycard can be found at The Shark location. Track down the big bad, take him out, and claim the keycard for your own.
  • Rig keycard location
    • The Rig keycard can be found at The Rig. Hunt for the big boss, fill him full of lead, and the keycard will be yours.
  • Shadow keycard location
    • Head to The Agency and find the powerful enemy. Take him down and then rob him of his Shadow keycard.
  • Grotto keycard location
    • The Grotto keycard is unsurprisingly hidden at The Grotto. Head there, take out those who oppose you, and nab the keycard for yourself.

Fortnite Keycard Locations

What do keycards do in Fortnite?

Once you have found a keycard, it’s time to equip it. Once you do, a vault location will appear on your map. Open the vault and claim the loot inside. Hopefully it was worth the effort!

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