Box art - Animal Crossing: New Horizons

What Animal Crossing Amiibo to buy for New Horizons

With Animal Crossing: New Horizons debuting as the first game in the franchise for the Nintendo Switch, you might want to get some compatible Animal Crossing Amiibo or Animal Crossing Amiibo Cards. The Nintendo Switch game is definitely going to make use of Amiibo, so read on for where you can get them!

What are the Animal Crossing Amiibo?

Animal Crossing Amiibo Figures

If you’re unfamiliar with Amiibo, these are little collectible statues that have something very special about them. Each one has a little chip inside that can connect to your console and unlock content inside of one or more Nintendo games.

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The Animal Crossing Amiibo focuses on more than a dozen characters from the game, highlighting fan favorites like Isabelle and Tom Nook along with some of the more obscure characters. Here are the Amiibo you can grab for Animal Crossing: New Horizons!

Blathers Amiibo

Animal Crossing Amiibo Blathers

Blathers is an owl who serves as the museum director.

Celeste Amiibo

Animal Crossing Amiibo Celeste

Celeste is Blathers’ little sister owl and she operates the observatory.

Cyrus Amiibo

Animal Crossing Amiibo Cyrus


Cyrus is an alpaca shopkeeper who buys items from the player.

Digby Amiibo

Animal Crossing Amiibo Digby

Digby is a dog who works at the Happy Home Showcase in New Leaf.

Isabelle – Summer Amiibo

Animal Crossing Amiibo Isabelle Summer

Isabelle is Digby’s twin sister and she serves as the mayor’s assistant in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. This is her summer outfit.

Isabelle – Winter Amiibo

Animal Crossing Amiibo Isabelle Winter

Isabelle also has a winter outfit variant available.

K.K. Slider Amiibo

Animal Crossing Amiibo KK Slider

K.K. Slider is a musician dog who has been in every Animal Crossing game so far.

Kapp’n Amiibo

Animal Crossing Amiibo Kappn

Kapp’n is a turtle in the West and a kappa in Japan. He usually provides transport.

Kicks Amiibo

Animal Crossing Amiibo Kicks

Kicks is a skunk who likes to sell shoes.

Lottie Amiibo

Animal Crossing Amiibo Lottie

Lottie is an otter who helps the player in various ways.

Mabel Amiibo

Animal Crossing Amiibo Mabel

Mabel is a hedgehog who serves as a shopkeeper.

Reese Amiibo

Animal Crossing Amiibo Reese

Reese is Cyrus’ alpaca wife and she usually works with him.

Resetti Amiibo

Animal Crossing Amiibo Resetti

Resetti is a mole with anger issues.

Rover Amiibo

Animal Crossing Amiibo Rover

Rover is a cat who usually helps the player get the game started.

Timmy & Tommy Nook Amiibo

Animal Crossing Amiibo Timmy and Tommy Nook

Timmy & Tommy Nook are the sons of Tom Nook.

Tom Nook Amiibo

Animal Crossing Amiibo Tom Nook

Tom Nook is a shopkeeper and also pretty much a loanshark. He’s a raccoon in the West and a tanooki in Japan.

Are there new Animal Crossing: New Horizons Amiibo coming?

We don’t yet know if there are any new Amiibo coming, but they probably are!

What are the Animal Crossing Amiibo Cards?

Animal Crossing Amiibo Cards

Amiibo cards are collectible cards that can also unlock stuff in Nintendo games. These aren’t as expensive as the Amiibo figures, but you can’t be quite sure what you’re getting!

Animal Crossing Amiibo Cards Series 1

Series 1 includes some of the most important characters like Isabelle and Tom Nook and features 100 cards in total.

Animal Crossing Amiibo Cards Series 2

Series 2 adds Timmy Nook and a bunch more characters. This also includes 100 total cards.

Animal Crossing Amiibo Cards Series 3

Series 3 adds a special Tom Nook, Blathers, and more in this 100-card set.

Animal Crossing Amiibo Cards Series 4

Series 4 adds in a special Isabelle and several other Special variants of characters in a 100-card set.

Animal Crossing Amiibo Cards Series 1–4 Bundles

If you want to save a few bucks in the long run (or you just want a little variety), you can buy bundles of cards from Series 1–4.

Are there new Animal Crossing: New Horizons Amiibo Cards coming?

The Animal Crossing Amiibo Card sets are pretty robust as it is, so I’m not sure that Nintendo would make more. They still might make a Series 5 (or more!), though!