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Rune Factory 4 | How to have a child

You can have a child in Rune Factory 4 once you get married. Having a kid in the game gives you access to a new story arc, and is required if you want to gain access to the White Stone crafting item.

Below, we’ll show you how to have a kid in Rune Factory 4. We’ll also show them what you have to do to choose their gender.

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How do you have a kid in Rune Factory 4?

Rune Factory 4 Marriage Guide

Before you can have a child in Rune Factory 4, you need to get married (check our marriage guide for details on how that process works). Once you’re married, there’s a chance your spouse will ask you about having children.

If you choose a positive reply when your partner asks you about kids, the process of having a child will begin. After that first question, it will take at least 14 days until you (if you’re a female protagonist) or your wife (if you’re playing as a male) to get pregnant.

How do you choose your child’s gender in Rune Factory 4?

When you or your spouse becomes pregnant, a scene will play out at the town clinic. You’ll get a line of dialogue that says, “It would be nice if the child was a….,” with the following choices:

  • Boy
  • Girl
  • Either

The choice here is pretty self-explanatory. Choose the gender you want your kid to be, or if you don’t care, choose “Either.”

After that scene, it will take at least 20 more days until you or your wife give birth. After that, there will be a five-year time skip (which affects nothing except your child apparently), and you’ll see a small montage of your and your partner raising your child.

Can your child grow up in Rune Factory 4?

Unfortunately, your child will forever be five-year-old in Rune Factory 4. Aside from the time skip directly after they’re born, your kid will never age.